Orlando: Leader in Economic Growth in the United States

With a 42% increase in population since 2000 and more than 80 months of constant increase in property values, Orlando stands out as the fastest growing city in the United States.

By Periódico Cubano
September 7, 2023

Economic indicators show that Orlando leads the country in job creation and is a key tourist destination with approximately 75 million visitors per year.

Its modern and dynamic lifestyle, together with an airport that offers direct connections to all over the world and places it as the 13th busiest airport in the country, contribute to its reputation.

Orlando Economic Partnership President Yolanda Lodoño said, “Orlando is consistently rated as a safe and conducive place to establish new businesses and invest. It offers low costs to start businesses and a central location in Florida, with easy access to markets throughout addresses”.

“Downtown is a major financial and business center in the region, business-friendly and with attractive programs for establishing partnerships. Orlando is the heart of a dynamic metropolitan area with more than two and a half million residents. Businesses based in Orlando obtain billions in contracts that include modeling, simulation, training and job creation,” he added.

The city also attracts investors, and although its theme parks such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios receive millions of visitors a year, more than 80% of jobs are outside the entertainment and tourism industry.

In the last three years, around 750 large industries have come to the city, generating more than 100,000 jobs. These include Siemens Energy, WinDoor, AVT Simulation, Veritas, Coleman, Florida Blue, Verizon, Space Center, A&N Creations, among others.

Additionally, the real estate market in Orlando has seen notable progress. Recently, Forbes magazine named Orlando one of the favorite cities in the United States to invest in property.

With its wide range of options including luxurious furnished apartments that can be incorporated into short-term rental programs to generate income, as well as affordable housing for those looking to settle in the city, Orlando continues its economic growth as a leader in the development of United States, with a great offer for investors of all sizes and a vibrant entertainment market.