Who doesn’t want to buy a property and have all the magic of Orlando at their doorstep?

Comprar Propiedades en Orlando

September 12, 2023

In September 2020, the newspaper Estadão * published an article * that said: “On the one hand, low interest rates have too restricted the horizon of traditional investment profits, such as fixed income, leading to the need for diversification , which opens space for investments abroad. On the other hand, the real has already accumulated a loss of close to 40% against the dollar. Therefore, a property in the United States offers the investor the possibility of carrying out currency hedging, protecting him from a further devaluation of the dollar. Reales, to the extent that part of the assets are immobilized in hard currency.

By combining the high tourist movement in Orlando and its surroundings, the reality of the current financial market and efficient property management, it is possible to achieve satisfactory occupancy rates. Often, the cost of mortgage payments is absorbed by the income generated from short-term rentals. Periods when the investor is not using the property are perfect for this. Therefore, buying property in Orlando is even easier.

Orlando Real Estate Management

It is noteworthy that property management is an important service available for contracting. Glasstone has years of experience in the property management field and guarantees that, yes, it is really feasible to optimize property income. With a series of precautions that increase guest and owner satisfaction, buying a property in Orlando becomes even more interesting. It is an extensive list of recommendations and practical and bureaucratic details that, administered by those who know the subject, generate positive results.


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