Why invest in Orlando, Florida

Por qué invertir en Orlando.

September 12, 2023

Orlando, Florida: A Booming Real Estate Investment Destination

Economic growth and investment opportunities in Orlando, Florida real estate are capturing the attention of investors around the world. This city, known for its charm and theme parks, has seen a notable increase in its economy in recent years. Since 2002, Orlando has seen an impressive 150% growth in its economy, making it a focal point for those looking to invest in real estate.

Tourism in Florida: Quick Recovery After COVID-19

Florida has stood out as one of the few US states that has managed to quickly recover its tourism industry following the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike California, which in 2021 was still 26% below tourism levels recorded in 2019, Florida has successfully overcome these obstacles. The resurgence of the tourism industry is good news for those considering investing in Orlando property, as demand for accommodations remains strong.

Low Taxes: An Attraction for Investors

Florida has proven to be a magnet for investors thanks to its tax policy. According to the US Census Bureau, the state is in fourth position on the list of states with the lowest taxes in the United States. With an average tax rate that is 48% lower than the national average, Florida has become an attractive location for those looking to maximize their real estate investments.

Security and Liquidity of the Dollar

The US dollar is widely recognized as the most secure and stable currency in the world. During times of volatility in global markets and economies, investors often take refuge in the dollar. In the last six months, a period of uncertainty in global markets, the dollar has experienced an increase of 8%. This security and liquidity of the dollar makes real estate investments in Orlando even more attractive.

Construction: An Industry in Constant Growth

The construction sector is a critical component of the economy of Orlando and the United States as a whole. In 2021, construction generated revenues of an impressive total of $3.8 trillion, representing approximately 16.5% of the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United States, the world’s largest economy. In addition, it contributed 4.5% of GDP globally. This robustness in the construction industry is a positive indicator for real estate investors as it suggests continued demand for residential and commercial properties in the region.

In summary, Orlando, Florida presents itself as a growing real estate investment destination, supported by strong economic growth, an attractive tax environment, the security of the dollar and a thriving construction industry. For those seeking real estate investment opportunities in a dynamic and promising environment, Orlando is a choice to consider.


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