Orlando’s Growing Attractiveness for Real Estate Investments

Orlando Bienes Raices

September 12, 2023

Population Growth and Rising Property Values

Orlando has witnessed staggering population growth, with a 42% increase since 2000. Additionally, property values have seen a steady increase for more than 80 consecutive months. This boom in the real estate market offers exciting opportunities for both investors and those looking to make their home in this thriving city.

Leader in Job Growth

Orlando has positioned itself as a leader in job growth in the United States for three consecutive years. Job opportunities in the region are diverse and attractive. This not only attracts professionals from across the country but also drives demand for residential and commercial properties.

Diversification of the Economy

Despite its renown as a tourist destination, more than 80% of Orlando’s workforce is employed in diverse sectors beyond the entertainment industry. In the last three years, the city has attracted approximately 750 major industries, generating more than 100,000 jobs. This includes leading companies such as Siemens Energy, WinDoor, AVT Simulation, Veritas and many others. Diversifying the economy strengthens Orlando’s stability and attractiveness to real estate investors.

The Rise of Real Estate Investments

Orlando real estate has been in the spotlight, and Forbes magazine has named it one of the favorite destinations for property investment in the United States. Projects such as “The Grove Resort & Water Park” have attracted buyers from all over the world, particularly from Latin America. These luxurious vacation rentals, located just five miles from Walt Disney World, offer income opportunities through short-term rentals. Investors from Latin America, particularly Colombia, Brazil and Venezuela, are discovering the advantages of investing in Orlando.

A Promising Future

The continued flow of investments and new businesses in Orlando portends a promising future. The city is diversifying its economy and attracting jobs with competitive salaries, ensuring a high quality of life for both local residents and those who choose to invest in this growing city. Whether you are looking for a home or a real estate investment opportunity, Orlando shines like a diamond in the rough in the United States real estate market.



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